Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My God is Holy

I saw Glee the other night.  We don't subscribe to cable, but I tracked it down on Hulu.  I knew I had no business watching it.  So sure was the feeling that it is not in keeping with who I desire to be that I hid down in the basement and watched it on the laptop.  I didn't want the kids to know!

What I saw, and did not turn off, did not turn away from, but watched in much the same way a person watches a train wreck--despair and tragedy, mangled limbs and carnage--from beginning to end, was the single most blatant anti-Christian propaganda I have ever witnessed.  It spewed hate towards my God and my beliefs, and therefore towards me.  It was offensive in the way it reduced Jesus to an image on a grilled cheese sandwich, equating Him to a genie in a bottle, Someone who might just grant a sincere request by a teenage boy to touch his girlfriend's breasts.

Make no mistake, I was offended; aghast, even, at what has become acceptable in our society.  Christians truly are the only people group in America that can be mocked openly and without consequence.  It dawned on me that we are hated.  Surely, there are those who call themselves followers of Christ who spew hate.  Biblical Christianity is not hateful.  I want to say that.  I want it to be heard, but that's not the thing that has stayed with me over the last several days.  The thing that touched me, that keeps running through my mind is this:

The God of the Bible, my God, is holy.  He will not be mocked.  My heart grieves for these people, for I believe that one day they will stand in front of the One they have mocked and be called to explain themselves.

"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." 
 Galatians 6:7


  1. I am not sure how much of Glee you’ve seen, but I think it is important to remember that everything about this show is over the top. I’m pretty sure every minority represented in this should be offended. That being said, I think this episode was about spirituality and religion and not necessarily supposed to represent Christianity or be offensive. While the grilled cheesus thing is over the top, there are people (not necessarily Christians) who pray to status of the virgin Mary that bleeds tears and I think I have seen a man that claimed to have seen Jesus on a piece of toast. So, the idea isn’t that far fetched. I thought the church that the African American girl went to was not portrayed offensively. I do agree with you that Christianity seems to be the only religion that it is ok to mock these days, and that bothers me too. However, I don’t think the episode was intending to mock Christianity or those who follow it. I hope my post doesn’t make you mad. I love your blog and just thought I would voice my opinion.

  2. Jessy,
    You could never make me mad! I was hoping for some dialogue on this post. I'm not sure I agree with you that they weren't mocking Christians, but that's okay. I have watched more Glee than I should (given that I am clearly convicted about it), and I have enjoyed the over-the-top portrayals of being a teenager, as well as the witty writing. I'm pretty sure that will be my last episode, though.
    Thank you so much for commenting, Jessy! I think you're cool. :-)

  3. hmmm. kristie LOVES that show. i tried it once, last season, and i was not really enthralled. i usually don't like musicals, so i attributed it to that.

    good to listen to the Holy Spirit when he says 'no', eh? i hope i can do that with 'real housewives' when it comes around again. and someday, i may have to give up hgtv because of all the shrines to buddha that appear to be worshipped.

  4. One more thing on this topic: I think the question is not whether I was offended, but rather was GOD offended. I know He doesn't need me to stick up for Him--He is who He is, no matter what Glee says about Him. Still, though, the idea that HE IS HOLY keeps coming to my mind. I'm still working through what exactly that means, but my gut says that a holy God would not smile and laugh at that episode of Glee.

  5. I think God has a sense of humor. Why else would he create creaters as silly looking as a Moose? On a more serious note though, I can see your point and that is actually one of the things I am still trying to figure out. I don't think I know God well enough yet to know whether or not he would laugh at an episode of Glee. I don't think I quite fully understand what it means that God is holy.

  6. Did you know that the moose is my favorite animal??? :-)

    The topic of God being holy has been a recurrent theme for me lately. God is clearly trying to teach me something new (for me) about himself. Maybe we can learn together.