Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lessons with Molly

We took Molly, the sweetest dog on earth, to the park today. Poor Molly's family hasn't yet fenced in the backyard, so she's at the mercy of impatient, selfish humans for all of her outdoor time.

The park we like has a huge, fenced-in baseball field where Miss Molly can run free. There is one opening in the fence, and with the five of us paying our very best attention she usually only escapes once. Our routine is to walk around the park until she's taken care of her doggie business, because I'm a mother and I can't stop thinking that one day soon that field will be full of little boys and girls, and...yuck.

The temp was 32 degrees and there was a brisk wind coming off the nearby river when we arrived, appropriately bundled and bearing lacrosse gear, soccer ball and my new Christmas camera. While the boys worked off pent-up energy and testosterone with some made-up sport involving both soccer ball and lacrosse sticks (which, honestly, deteriorated to all-out Smear the Queer within 15 minutes), I played around with the action setting on the camera and kept an eye on my girl.

As you can see, she had a great time.

So what is my point, you ask?

My point is this. I noticed that Molly, although appearing to have the time of her life, would periodically stop at the faaaar back outfield fence, where she would stare longingly at the wide world beyond. It was pathetic, really.

The second or third time she did this it occurred to me how much alike we are.

We have warm and cozy homes, full of loving people and good things to eat. We periodically have wild adventures that would blow the minds of even the most intrepid among you. We lack, really, nothing.

And yet. We are not content. We always want more. It's pathetic, really.

I would like to resolve to be content, as if resolving were doing, and then it would be done. What I will do instead is practice contentment, because practice makes perfect. Right? I'd like you to come along for the ride. I'm asking God to give me brilliant and creative ideas on this topic, which I will then share with you. Maybe you would do the same, and we could practice together.


  1. Ah, yes, the ever-elusive "Kingdom of Me" rants that I DESERVE more! Wha?

    May I choose an attitude of gratitude today!

  2. hhhhmmmmm. i guess i am not sure i think we were created to be content.

    i think we were created to look to the other side, to always be pursuing the Uncatchable. who does not confine us, but does secure us. but our REAL LIVES are out there, in the pursuit. our trouble is we generally pursue only our own interests, which will never allow us to be content.

    or something like that. big ole can o' worms ;)

  3. Great pictures of your pooch! You are right...being content should be an important part of our lives! When I find myself wishing I had this or that, I pray and am reminded of the too-many-to-count blessings in my life. I guess it's part of living in a sinful world. Thanks for the I will be content. And just be.