Monday, September 27, 2010

You made the team!

I've started this great bible study at my church.  I would tell you the title, but it's all the way across the room and I can't get up.  No, really.  If I get up, something other than the bible study will catch my eye and I'll tend to that (quickly, with the idea that then it will be done, and I can get back to you with one less thing to do) in whatever room it needs tending, where something else will catch my eye and before you know it I'll be living one of those If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books instead of writing this post.


The study, whatever it's called, is really good.  It's about the life of David, and (so far) uses the biblical texts both about his anointing by Samuel and the New Testament texts about our own anointing by the Holy Spirit as proof  that we have been called by God to great things just as David had been called, and especially that God has made available to us (at the moment of our salvation) all the tools (ie power) of the Holy Spirit that were made available to David.  (I Peter 1:3, I John 2:27)

So we're talking this through, this idea of being chosen(!) and anointed(!!) in just the way that David was.  The leader asked us how living with this knowledge should change our perspectives, attitudes and behaviors.  As I sat and listened to the group members work through what was a very new idea to most of us, something came to me.  I shared it with the group, and I'd like to share it with you.

My son recently, against all odds, made the middle school soccer team.  Over the last two weeks, I've watched how belonging to that team has affected and changed my notorious goofball.  I have noticed that:

He is proud and excited to be a member of the team.
He loves to tell people he is on the team.
He takes the work he does, both in school and at practice, very seriously, because it affects his standing on the team.
For years I have despaired that he would ever dress in anything but basketball shorts and t-shirts, and now, without prompting, he has begun to wear khaki shorts and collared shirts to school.

The analogy to my personal life is apparent:

I should be proud (not prideful) of my anointing.
I should desire to tell people about Who has anointed me.
I should take the work I do very seriously, as it is a reflection on Him who anointed me.
Part of my personal anointing is to write.  In light of that, I should "dress" like a writer; be diligent in my writing, write in a way that honors the one Who has called me to do it.

So.  Now it's your turn.  How should being chosen(!) and (anointed!!) affect your daily life?

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